The hybrid office how- to.

Hybrid Office Stats

of US workers would prefer a hybrid work model. (Gensler)
US companies that allow remote work have a 25% lower turnover rate.  (Owl Labs)
of remote employees report loneliness as their biggest challenge.  (Buffer)
of remote workers identify communication as an obstacle.  (Buffer)
of young managers (Millennials & Gen Z) allow their team members to work remotely. (Upwork)

Remote work is here to stay, but with a catch.    Working from home can cause boredom and presents challenges like balancing childcare, lack of access to on-site services, and poor overall communication.  Re-thinking hybrid models could result in more efficient talent recruitment vs businesses that impose a pre-pandemic "status quo" work model.  

Below are guidelines and visual cues we think will have a positive impact for our customers immediately. 

Reduce Full-Time Assigned-Desk Headcounts

Especially if part of your staff works from home more than 1 day a week.  Consider alternating shifts if possible.  Re-organize spaces to promote branding and core values.

Be Flexible

Even if your employees primary work mode is at their assigned desk, increased mobility is generally better for productivity.  People will work where & when they want to, given the choice.  An added benefit is the ability to integrate their personal schedules without stressing.

Design For "Heads Down" Separation

Give employees the option to work in closed, semi-open, or open environments but ensure dedicated areas for intense private work are available at all times.

Foster Collaboration

Leaders can bridge the physical & digital worlds by creating encounters between employees in both worlds, initiating "water cooler" moments and memorable interactions. 

Provide Wellness Areas

A wellness room with dimmable lighting (away from windows) and a reclining chair for staff to "get away", even for a short time, can be very effective. Provide a highly visible occupied sign.

Show a Dedication To Cleanliness

Demonstrate your ability to maintain a safe office by positioning cleaning and sanitization stands/kiosks in highly visible locations.  Follow the EPA's guide for indoor air quality.