Award winning home office furniture from SitOnit !

Height Adjustable Desks

The SitOnit Switchback desk comes in multiple sizes & finishes and has features like a push button memory controller, anti-collision sensor, and an extremely wide height range for people who are short or tall.

250lb weight limit.  Commercial-Grade.  3 stage dual motors.


60 Second Desk w/ Bamboo Legs

The SitOnit Reya desk has a no-tool, sixty-second assembly time!

Sturdy & commercial-grade with the look of a simplified, modern piece of furniture.  Available in Multiple sizes and finishes w/ cozy rounded top corners.  


Award Winning Task Chairs

The Wit from SitOnit is an Adex design award winning chair that is as comfortable as it it functional.  It's good looking too. 

Multiple fabrics and finishes.  Mid or high back. 300lb weight capacity. 


Desktop Power & Accessories

The SitOnit Eon and Mobio are go-to power and mount additions that elevate ease-of-use and durability.

Clamp mount.  Single or dual monitor mount.