Fast Flooring Options

Need to update your flooring?  Let our designers provide you with a pallet that turns your space into a beautiful new work environment.  Our install team will make it effortless.  Call now to get started.

We specify modular & broadloom carpet, wood, luxury vinyl tile, walk-off flooring, glass, porcelain & ceramic tile from these manufacturers. 

  • Milliken
  • J&J Flooring Group
  • Shaw Contract
  • United Tile

Quick Renderings

Within a matter of minutes we can show you what your space will look like with multiple flooring options.  This is a valuable tool for fast installation pattern choices as well as scale, direction, texture, and color decisions.  Many flooring options are made in plank, square, or broadloom sizes and this is a great way to envision the layout. 

Curated Collections

When multiple spaces need to be defined, you can trust that our curated collections will jive with each other, your furniture, and with your existing or new finishes.

Milliken Major Frequency


Milliken Natural Loose Lay


Milliken Nordic Stories


Milliken Metro Park


Milliken Whale Song


Milliken Fineline


Inviting Textures

Bring comfort to your space by adding an extra layer of dimension through texture.  

Milliken Free Flow


Milliken Major Frequency


J&J Craftwork


J&J Metamorphic


J&J Framework


J&J Downtown


Bold Colors!

Help us connect your staff to your brand by bringing life to your environment through the careful use of color and light.

Milliken Creo


Milliken Creo

Shaw Engage

Shaw Interact


J&J Advance


J&J Make Your Mark


Need flooring fast?